About Christian Russo

Concert pianist. Raconteur. Philanthropist. And all-round good guy. Christian Russo is none of those things. Well, he’s kind of an all-round good guy. And he does get involved in some charity work now and then. Being Australian, he’s also a bit of a rugby league fanatic and Parramatta Eels tragic. He’s a connoisseur of fine beers and single malts (‘connoisseur’ sounds so much better than ‘occasional abuser’), an increasingly corpulent foodie and a lover of music, film, writing and all manner of artsy-fartsy stuff. He’s as Australian as a koala riding in a kangaroo’s pouch across the Nullabor but, as Don Williams, Jr. said, “our lessons come from the journey, not the destination” so, with his much-loved girlfriend in tow, he packed his bags, parked his much-loved motorcycle in the garage, and relocated to his new, much-loved home of Singapore in search of the treasures that travel uncovers. He now lives the life of an intrepid globetrotter, traveling throughout Asia and beyond with his girlfriend. And that’s why he’s writing The Ang Mo Diaries, a collection of stories, moments and recollections of his time in Singapore and his journeys throughout the world.

Read, enjoy, agree, disagree and accept my genuine gratitude for reading!

Oops, stepped out of the third person there. Christian apologizes for that.


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